Rejects, the book

"It is all too often that a good caricature is not appreciated. Exaggeration and likeness can cause a dangerous combination that repels the average theme park visitor and will even ruin a day. As a live caricaturist, I can safely say that some of the most interesting and dynamic drawings I've completed will never see a frame, let alone the trip home. Guests will refuse to purchase these sketches through any number of creative ways, usually due to their failure to recognize the undeniable likeness, overwhelmed by the extreme exaggeration and honest, cutting humor.

I call these drawings rejects.

Over the last few years, the pile of refused sketches has grown in my apartment, and with the suggestion of a friend, I began taking pictures of the more extreme caricatures drawn at one of the most visited theme parks in the world. These drawings, along with many rejects, can be seen for the first time, only here in the pages of Rejects."

Get your copy now and enjoy over 100 pages of original art with entertaining stories of real people!


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